central Solomon Sea

Welcome to Woodlark Island

The images within this site were shot during fieldwork associated with my final year of study at UNSW (Geology Honours 2010). Woodlark Island (or Muyua) is an emergent segment of the Woodlark Rise, situated on the southern fringe of the Solomon Sea Plate. The formation of Muyua is connected to recent subduction concomitant with the Trobriand Trough since the Cretaceous >> Miocene.


Southwest view to Suloga Peninsula

Drill line 1050

Self portraits: drenching rain, broken razor.

Far northwestern Muyua (the woodlark’s head).

Suloga Peninsula from the land, sea, and air.

Large braided streams are abundant in the Owen Stanley Ranges.

Thatched homes amongst palm trees.

Base camp at Bomagai.

Afternoon storm to the south of camp.

Carnivorous Pitcher plant along the trail at Woodlark King.

Muyuw family group in their day camp. Fantastic people!!

The Kaurai United Church on the road into town.

They breed them tough in the tropics!